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CBD Topicals is the New Super Ingredient for Skin Care

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Source: Green Rush daily

The skin care industry is on the lookout for the new plant-derived, natural ingredient. Cannabinoid is a compound found in the marijuana plant and it might prove to be an ideal component for beauty products. Cannabis has gotten more sophisticated in recent years and its consumption has become legal in many states of the United States and Canada. 

Marijuana is now appealing to millennials and women and anybody interested in benefiting from the magical effects of the flower. A lot of studies have been carried out to understand the skin care benefits of CBD Topicals which don’t have the psychoactive properties. These products have the potential to treat itchiness, acne, eczema as well as psoriasis and other skin conditions as stated by recent research.

An analysis was performed where people with acne and redness were treated with cannabis cream on one side of the face. A considerable reduction in redness and sebum was found. Cannabis is known to have anti-inflammatory properties which prove to be effective at treating skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. 

A California-based dermatologist, Dr. Jeanette Jacknin, recently spoke at the American Academy of Dermatology about the use of CBD Topicals for skin care and stated that marijuana could be the next big thing in skin care regimes. However, CBD won’t be a magic pill for anti-aging. It will just be an additional ingredient to add to the mix for skin care routine. CBD helps with inflammation and other conditions to make the skin better and give relief from problems.

These products can be sold in all the states where medicinal use of cannabis is legal as long as it is derived from industrially grown hemp. However, many brands choose to produce and sell creams containing higher concentrations of cannabis in states where marijuana is legalized for recreational purposes. 

The demand for CBD skin care products is rising among consumers. Patients have learned about the pain-relief qualities of these products and look for creams and lotions to get relief from skin problems. More and more people are also experimenting with cannabis to manage serious conditions like psoriasis which results in rough, painful, itchy skin.

Patients living with psoriasis, living on topical steroids and other expensive treatments found that they only alleviate the symptoms temporarily. After hearing about the effectiveness of CBD at skin conditions, they tried cannabis skin creams that give cooling sensation and relief from discomfort and itching. These products also give long-lasting effects. Some psoriasis sufferers found a natural solution in this form that allowed them to go outdoors. 

There is a lot of potential for CBD to help people suffering from various illnesses, not only skin. But consumers should be careful when buying these products. What is on the label may not always be in the product and it is important to do some research about the brand’s reputation, quality of ingredients and concentration of CBD in the product. Those who want to try topicals for skin care benefits should only trust reputable brands. For more more information click here.