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Bongs And Pipes: The Safest Alternatives for Smoking!

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Source: Primo

Lots of individuals believe that smoking cannabis with bongs is the safest alternative than a joint. This brochure offers insights into potential harms.

The most common method to make use of weed is to inhale or smoke the drug. Weed goods are usually inhaled (with or with no cannabis) either in the shape of a cigarette (always referred to as a “joint”) or through bongs and water pipes. These machines differ in form, but the most common have extensive stems or integrate a ‘hookah-type’ water filtration system (i.e. water pipe) and are always referred to as the specialized ‘bong’.  

The diversity between a bong with other kinds of smoking machines, like a pipe, is that the weed smoke is approved through or over water or some other liquid before being smoked or inhaled. These machines or tools, either homemade or store-bought, are obtainable in a huge range of designs and sizes and were enormously accessible for sale until 2007, when legislation was launched across Canada to enable their sales and their displays legal.

Making use of bongs in Canada 

Canada made some discoveries due to the researches they made into the usage of weed or marijuana. This research suggests that bongs would keep on being the most common, best and popular method of making use of drugs. According to the 2007 domestic cannabis household survey (data isn’t obtainable in the 2010 or 2013 surveys), current weed smokers or clients (those individuals that have been making use of cannabis for more than 12 months) accounted that they were more expected to smoke or inhale the weed as a reefer\ joint\spiff (83.3%), followed by inhaling your drug with a bong or pipe (81.7%).

Bongs and water pipes are the most universal system of making use of weed among Australian secondary schools students, just according to the 2011 ASSAD survey.  58% of male and 50% of female students, who were identified as student who have made use of  cannabis for a very long time or who have use it for years, reported that it was their normal route of administration. Frequent users of weed and marijuana were expected to description making use of bongs and pipes than occasional customers, who preferred to inhale their drugs with joint.

Origins of the bongs and water pipe

Even as the usage of liquid in smoking apparatus has long tradition, the origin of the bong is indistinct. There is a rising evidence to put forward that water pipes were initially utilized to inhale cannabis in southern and eastern Africa before the launching in of tobacco. You should know that water pipes were first originated in Persia or china, and were used initially in smoking tobacco. 


Bongs and pipes use will continue to get more famous amongst the cannabis smokers, especially first timers and younger users. Those who would quickly discover that the bongs will benefit them a lot when they use it to smoke cannabis will have the best experience of smoking ever. This is always because they will find out that the water or liquid in the device filter out toxics material substance in the smoke. Try using a bong from ItsPrimo.com and have a great smoking experience.